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Welcome to the website of Short Mat Bowling in Cyprus! This site has been compiled and funded by four of the Short Mat groups in Cyprus, who operate individually but meet regularly to host and attend competitions and social events.

There are also occasional fixtures arranged between the individual Short Mat organisations and some of the Lawn Bowls clubs on the island. If you are interested in having a go at one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, drop in, have a look and a chat with the experienced and very friendly members at any of our four organisations. They are located at either end of the island.

If your Short Mat Group is visiting the island, or if you just wish further information on the Short Mat game or location of the organisations in Cyprus, click on the tabs on the L/h side of the page to find out the details of all four short mat organisations.

At a meeting held in Pervolia (Larnaca) on 25th February, 2011,the representatives from the Short Mat groups on the island, including the newest club based in Kama, met to discuss joint competitions and the way forward for the joint organisation.

One of the outcomes was to hold an annual Cyprus Short Mat Championship where members would participate in a series of local competitions, with the finalists from each Ahort Mat group going forward to take part in this new event. It was agreed that the 2011 event would be held in October 2011 at Kama, and the results can be viewed by clicking on the photo below. Subsequent year's events will be held at the premises of the other organisations in rotation. The 2013 event will be hosted by the Shogun Group based in Emba, Paphos.



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