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3D Global Tens League 2012/13

Fixture List 2012

Tuesday 16th October MF&P vs Kiti

Saturday 20th October MF&P vs Shogun

Sunday 21st October Kama vs Shogun

Tuesday 6th November Kiti vs Kama

Tuesday 4th December Kama vs MF&P

Friday 14th December Kiti vs Shogun

Fixture List 2013

Tuesday 12th February Kiti vs MF&P

Tuesday 12th March Kama vs Kiti

Saturday 16th March Shogun vs Kama

Saturday 30th March Shogun vs MF&P

Tuesday 16th April MF&P vs Kama

Saturday 20th April Shogun vs Kiti

Go to our website and get casinos in england. Hurry up to go and start winning. Clubs to liaise with the Shogun to arrange their home and away matches.

If any game is postponed due to bad weather, it must be played before the next match on the calendar.

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