Short Mat Bowls




3D Global Tens League 2013/14

Fixture List 2013

Tuesday 12th November

MF&P Dolphins vs MF&P Sharks

Kama vs Kiti

Tuesday 10th December

MF&P Sharks vs MF&P Dolphins

Kiti vs Kama

Fixture List 2014

Friday 21st February

Shogun City vs Kiti

Tuesday 25th February

MF&P Dolphins vs Kama

Kiti vs MF&P Sharks

Tuesday 18th March

MF&P Sharks vs Kama

Kiti vs MF&P Dolphins

Saturday 22nd March

Shogun City vs MF&P

Tuesday 8th April

Kama vs MF&P Dolphins

MF&P Sharks vs Kiti

Saturday 26th April

Shogun vs Kama

Tuesday 6th May

Kama vs MF&P Sharks

MF&P Dolphins vs Kiti

Friday 16th May

MF&P vs Shogun

Saturday 17th May

MF&P vs Shogun

Sunday 18th May

Kama vs Shogun

Start times for all games is 10.30am unless agreed by both clubs.

Any game postponed due to bad weather must be played on the following blank Tuesday.

Clubs to liaise with the Shogun to fit their home and away matches in to minimise travel.

The two teams from Mimosa F&P will be called MF&P Dolphins and MF&P Sharks.

The team from Shogun will be called Shogun City.

There will be five teams in the league playing each other home and away.

Clubs with two teams must play each other in the first two games and the squads selected for those games are permanent. Once a player has been selected to play for a particular team, he/she cannot change from one team to the other.


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