Short Mat Bowls




2013 National Shortmat Championships

hosted by Shogun Short Mat Group

Emba Paphos

The semi finals took place on Saturday 21st September, commencing at 1000hrs, with the finals commencing at 1000hours on Sunday 22nd September, 2013.The results are shown in the table below

2 Bowl Semis
John Harrold (Shogun) 6 Roy Staples (Kama) 21
Kevin Males (F&P) 21 Bob Berriman (Kiti) 12
2 Bowl Final
Roy Staples (Kama) 20 Kevin Males (F&P) 21

Ladies 4 Bowl Singles Semis

L.Maidment (Shogun) 21 J.Bennet (Kiti) 20
Ann Males (F&P) 21 Julie Dumbarton (Kama) 20

Ladies 4 Bowl Singles Final

Ann Males (F&P) 21 L.Maidment (Shogun) 3

Gents 4 Bowl Singles Semis

D Lemon (Shogun) 21 Kevin Males (F&P) 20
Roy Staples (Kama) 21 Bob Berriman (Kiti) 4

Gents 4 Bowl Singles Final

Roy Staples (Kama) 21 D Lemon (Shogun) 19
Mixed Pairs Semis
Ann & Kevin Males (F&P) 20 Bob Smith / Val Cole (Kiti) 10
Roy Staples / Julie Dumbarton (Kama) 20 Alice Catherall / Stuart Harrison (Shogun) 2

Mixed Pairs Final

Roy Staples / Julie Dumbarton (Kama) 13 Ann & Kevin Males (F&P) 12

Mixed Triples Semis

L Maidment / K Williams / R Badger (Shogun) 3 Ann & Kevin Males, B Rigby (F&P) 20
C Fourney / R & H Oliver (Kiti) 5 M Hoye / C Merry / Brian Hill (Kama) 17

Mixed Triples Final

Ann & Kevin Males, B Rigby (F&P) 10 M Hoye / C Merry / Brian Hill (Kama) 6

Mixed Rinks Semis

C Allison, M French, S & S Harrison (Shogun) 7 B Berriman, B & S Smith, B Cole (Kiti) 6
A & K Males, B Rigby / B Souter (F&P) 8 S Hill, M & C Hoye, B Stewart (Kama)10

Mixed Rinks Final

C Allison, M French, S & S Harrison (Shogun) 17 S Hill, M & C Hoye, B Stewart (Kama)9

Winners of the Mixed Rinks from the Shogun group, Sandra Harrison, Catherine Allison,

M French & Stuart Harrison



Winner of the 4 Wood Singles, from Kama, Roy Staples