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Kiti Bowls Club, previously known as Kiti and Pervolia Bowls Club, was founded in March 2005 by John Carless, formerly a Cheshire county bowler, his wife and a handful of other enthusiasts. The original venue was the Socoriky complex in Pervolia. The club played at various other locations around the area until, in November 2007, we moved to a permanent home in Dromolaxia Avenue, Kiti thanks to the generosity of Kiti Council, who gave us use of an outdoor basketball court.  

A meeting of all the members was held and through the generosity of several members who offered the club short-term loans, the club was able to purchase four mats and associated equipment. The loans were quickly repaid and the club has since purchased two more mats and equipment. The club is now financially sound and all the equipment is jointly owned by all the members. The court has been improved by the addition of furniture, windbreaks, sunshades, toilets and running water. 

We reciprocate with Kiti Council, joining in local events such as the cultural festival and charity events. We have made the Mukhtar of Kiti, Mr Savvas Tandis, an honorary member of our club.


The club now has a membership of 65 and visitors are more than welcome. We are less than 15 minutes from Larnaca airport, convenient for visiting teams from other countries. Arrangements can be made to play any day of the week as the mats are permanently in position. The club regularly plays friendly and competitive games against the other clubs on the island.

Club days and Times

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Arrive before 10:15 a.m. to play in the first game.

Usually two games of 11 ends (or three games of 8 ends in the hotter weather).


 Membership €25 p.a. plus €1 per day to play.

€4 per day for visitors including hire of bowls.

Club Officers

Hon. President: Frank Grundy

Chairman: Derek Walker

Club Captain: Bob Berriman

Secretary: Nick Darlow

Treasurer: Bob Smith

Committee Members: Ray Brown, Lorraine Grundy, Joan Wells, Chris Fourmy


Contact details.

Kiti Bowls Club, Dromolaxia Avenue, Kiti, Larnaca

Telephone 97728413, e-mail: kitibowlsclub@yahoo.com



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