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Short Mat bowling in Cyprus began in November 2005 when Jim Allison was contacted by the Norfolk Short Mat Bowling Club, who asked if he could arrange local bowlers as opposition for a group of Short Mat bowlers arriving in Paphos for a bowling holiday. He managed to round up sufficient “volunteers”, including three with previous experience of Short Mat, however in the competition the locals, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience, came a distant second. 

Subsequent to the Norfolk bowlers returning home Jim put out some feelers about starting up a Short Mat group in Paphos and was delighted with the response. A suitable venue was found at the Crazy Spoon Restaurant, and in June 2006, with the co-operation and investment in equipment by Nikos, of the Crazy Spoon, the group was formed. The Crazy Spoon Short Mat Group started playing twice weekly at the new venue. Over the next few months attendances steadily increased comprising those new to the sport of bowls, lawn green bowlers wanting to try this new discipline, and bowlers on holiday.

In May 2010 the group, now with its own equipment, moved to a new location in Emba. To reflect the new location, which is the Shogun Karate Club, Emba, the group became the Shogun Short Mat Group. At the premises located at Nikolaou Ellina 133, Emba, Paphos, the owner, Γεοργε Μαvροματισ (George), has made the group very welcome and recently added nine overhead fans in the hall to cope with the warm weather.

How to find us

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There are no members, therefore there is no membership charge. You just turn up and pay as you play. If you are interested in trying one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, just pop along and watch, or better still have a go with our experienced and very friendly members. Each game lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and there is free coaching for newcomers with assorted sizes of bowls available to use at no extra charge.

Short Mat bowling sessions at the Shogun are available on the following days:

Sunday          0930hrs       to          1330hrs,      teams drawn           0945hrs,

Tuesday         0930hrs       to          1330hrs,      teams drawn           0945hrs,

Thursday        0930hrs       to          1330hrs,      teams drawn           0945hrs. 

There are two games each day with a break in the middle for refreshment. There are four mats available and up to 32 persons per game can be accommodated. Other times and days can be arranged with a minimum of 8 persons attending! There are now in excess of 70 players playing at various times at the Shogun.




Monday (0900hrs for 0930hrs start)


The training sessions are available to new members and beginners. Tuition will be given by Jim and Dave Richards. Bowls will be supplied and flat soled shoes must be worn!


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News: Whilst Jim was on an extended visit to the UK he became an Associate Member of St Mary's Platt Short Mat club in Kent, which is affiliated to the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA).

As a member of the St Mary's club he undertook and passed the written, oral and practical examinations to become a Registered ESMBA Umpire which must be a first for Short Mat in Cyprus.








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Contact details.


Jim Allison, Tel: 26960522, Mobiles:99983684 or 99883426,  

Email: allisonj@cytanet.com.cy


If you need any further information about the Shogun or are interested in arranging a fixture with the group, contact the above.


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