Presentation Lunch - 2013 Shogun Competitions

Sunday 23rd February 2014

British Legion, Kato Paphos.


On Sunday 23rd February 2014 Shogun held their presentation of prizes at the recently opened British Legion Club in Kato Paphos. A lovely lunch - of 3 courses for those with a healthy appetite - was enjoyed by 38 players & friends. After the meal Jim Allison asked Malcolm Hughes to present the prizes. Unable to be there to collect their trophies were Sandra & Stuart Harrison who were living it up on holiday in Thailand & Maria Milligan who was playing in an outdoor competition at Neos.

Competition Winner(s) Runner(s) up
Shogun Charity Cup Danny McLaren  
National Fours Champions CAllison, SHarrison,MFrench, SHarrison  
Tom Hudson Shield John Harrold Maria Milligan
Ladies 4 Bowl Champion Linda Maidment Carole Halkett
Gents 4 Bowl Champion Derek Lemon David Richards
Mixed Pairs Alice Catherall & Stuart Harrison Linda Maidment & Danny McLaren
Mixed Triples KWilliams, Rev Badger & LMaidment MWilliams, CAllison & JHarrold
Mixed Fours MHughes, SHarrison, MFrench & SHarrison CAllison, DLemon, CHalkett & JAllison
Football Ladies Catherine Allison Pat French
Football Gents John Harrold Ken Williams

Ken Williams, R/up Gents Football


Carole Halkett, R/up Ladies 4 Bowl


Mixed Triples Rs/up - CAllison, MWilliams, JHarrold